Google Feed With Hindi Support Rolls Out in India on Android and iOS

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Imagine an app that offers you news and real-time updates on topics only you care about. Google is offering just that and hopes you would find it useful. As part of the global availability of its personalised Feed on Google app, the company rolled out the feature in India on Friday, with an additional capability for the local market.

Feed, which in addition to news items tailored to your interest also offers information on topics that you’re passionate about, is available on Android as well as iOS in India, the company said. Elsewhere Feed is only available on Android for now. If you prefer news and updates in Hindi, the company has covered you on that as well, it said.

The new feature from Google is an extension of Google Now, which recent Android versions offers to users anyway. After users perform a Web search on the Google apps, they will see a Hindi tab in the search results. For every search result they make, they get the option to follow that topic from a new Follow button.

Users can follow movies, sports teams, their favourite bands, celebrities. They can also unfollow a topic or interest from the feed, Google said. The Feed looks at a user’s interaction with Google as well as trending topics in their chosen areas.

“The Google feed will also include information from diverse perspectives and multiple viewpoints to deliver and a more holistic understanding about news, articles and topics in the feed, even if these are older stories that may still be relevant to a given topic,” the company said.

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