Google Flights Search Gets More Cost-Saving Options, With Flight Insights

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Google has once again updated its Search functionality with the addition of new features under Google Flights search. It now features a new tab – Flight Insights – that lets the users see recommendations and tips about how they can make their air travel cost-effective. This will include variations in travel dates, hotel lodging, and airports to the cheapest so as to make your trip less expensive than it could normally be. This new feature is currently available on mobile and will roll out to the desktop version later this year.

The new Flight Insights feature will figure out the cheapest day to travel before and after the date that you’ve entered. It will also show the air fares in a calendar format so that selecting a cheaper travel date can be easier. “Tap on ‘Dates’ to see the calendar view of date combinations with the cheapest prices highlighted in green and the most expensive in red,” says Google in a blog post explaining the process users need to follow for the same. Moreover, if you wish to glance at a certain length of trip, you can see a time-bound variation of the fares in a compact price graph.

If your air travel also includes hotel stay, Flight Insights will also show the prices of partner hotels and inns on a weekly or monthly basis to let you know the cheapest day to check-in. The price graph also shows the price trends for a hotel to show how rates have changed over time. This cost-efficiency feature also keeps in mind the nearby airports that will be convenient to the users to land in an interactive map, alongside estimated travel times between the mentioned nearby airports and the destination airport.

“When you’re trying to choose a hotel, you can now see hotel prices on a map to quickly identify the best areas and hotels for both your budget and itinerary needs. You may find that a hotel just around the corner from a museum you’re interested in is available at a great price,” Google added.

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