Google Play Music for Android Crash Issue Fix Rolling Out; Reportedly Caused by Bluetooth

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As we reported earlier, the version 7.9.4920 update of Google Play Music for Android brought along an issue that was causing the app to crash for several users. Now, the reason behind the crashes appears to have been found, and Google has already started rolling out the version 7.9.4921 bug-fixing update for the app, which carries along the fix for the problem.

In its testing, 9To5Google figured out that the Google Play Music app was crashing for users only when a Bluetooth device was already connected to the device. When the device was connected after launching the app, it seemed to work just fine, as per the report. While this fix seems simple, Google has already rolling out the version 7.9.4921 update, said to bring a fix for the issue.


The latest update to the Google Play Music app, which is already available on Google Play, started rolling out on Tuesday and appears to fixes the crashing issue that plagued the earlier version. While the issue should not have existed in the first place, the search giant should be commended for acting quickly and issuing the fix right away for the problem.

Last month, Google Play Music started offering a four-month free subscription for new subscribers, allowing them to scan up to 50,000 songs from their music library. While the streaming service offered free subscription period to new users earlier as well, it was limited to just three months.

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