Days Gone Gameplay Trailer Revealed at Sony E3 2017 Event

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Days Gone was the third game to be showcased at Sony’s E3 2017 event. Sony started the game with some gameplay footage from the zombie survival game. It starts with the protagonist driving his bike across the jungle, where is chased by a crazed wolf at first.

After he deals with that threat, he sets off a trap and two scavengers attack him. Once he kills them both, he resumes his risky quest to find his friend. This takes him through a path where several undead are strung up by their feet. One of them attacks him on the way. He continues his journey and we get to see him sneaking up on a group of kidnappers. He sets up a trap to nab one of them and while the others are distracted, he sneaks past them.

This takes him to a place where a horde of zombies is feeding. The environment is immensely detailed and we get to see the protagonist using it to his advantage. He sets up an explosive on the wooden walls of the kidnappers’ outpost. A massive army of zombies attacks the kidnappers, and the protagonist finally gets to save his friend — Manny. The gameplay footage then shows a bear preparing to attack the pair and that is where the cutscene ends.

Days Gone was first announced at E3 2016, and the project appears to be much further along the road now and closer to release, if the gameplay footage is anything to go by.

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